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Having to replace a windshield can often be a stressful and expensive experience. That’s why at Frisco Auto Glass Repair, we always try to repair your glass before installing a costly windshield replacement. We have years of experience repairing all kinds of damage caused on the road. But, in the event that it can’t be repaired and a full replacement is required, we will do our best to customize the best deal for you regardless of whether or not you have auto insurance. We include you in every step of the process. Our experienced and highly trained technicians will explain all of your available options before repairing or replacing your windshield. You choose the glass, the time, and the location of your replacement. It’s as simple as that.

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What Constitutes A Replacement?

We assess windshield damage based on location, type of damage, size, and depth. More generally, the following damage usually necessitates a replacement:
• Deep cracks that have disturbed the laminate
• Long cracks of six inches or more
• Spiderwebbing (multiple chips or cracks in one area)
• Chips located within two inches of the edge of the windshield or in front of cameras or sensors
• Any damage on the driver’s side that impedes vision.

For a more detailed description of repairable and unrepairable damage see our Windshield Repair Services Page.

All of our work is 100% guaranteed. We use only the highest quality sealants and every one of our products carry a warranty. Once we’ve established that a replacement is necessary, we’ll help you work with your insurance company to discover what type of glass they cover. We do our best to work with your insurance to get you the best deal possible. In the case that your expenses are out-of-pocket, we’ll discuss all of your options to make sure your replacement is as affordable and convenient as possible.

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Types of Auto Glass

Once it’s been established that you need a windshield replacement, the first major decision you’ll encounter is the type of glass you want. The two main types of glass are OEM Glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket Glass (premium and generic). Whenever possible, we try to use OEM glass. However, sometimes due to a lack of availability, depending on the make, model, or age of the vehicle, finding OEM glass is impossible. In those cases, we only use premium Aftermarket glass manufactured in the U.S., Canada, or Europe. Read on to learn more about the different types of auto glass as well as their individual advantages and disadvantages.
OEM Auto Glass

OEM glass is the original glass used in the fabrication of your particular vehicle model. Automakers use specific auto glass suppliers and then stamp their branding on it. Government standards and manufacturer quality controls are very rigorous for these types of parts. That’s why OEM replacement glass is the highest quality auto glass available. It was literally made for your vehicle. This type of glass is always more expensive than aftermarket glass. If you have a new or luxury vehicle, we recommend OEM glass. Although, depending on the vehicle some OEM replacements aren’t available outside the dealer.

The advantages of OEM glass are that it meets auto manufacturing safety and fit standards and the finish will be as perfect as when your car first rolled off the manufacturing line.

The disadvantages are that it is higher priced than aftermarket windshields, and not all insurance companies cover the complete cost of OEM parts.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

After market glass is essentially the store brand version of glass. It can be made by companies unaffiliated with car companies or by the same OEM company, but from a different production line than your vehicle model. Aftermarket glass comes in premium or in generic varieties depending on its country of origin. Generally, aftermarket glass costs $100-300 less than OEM glass.

The advantages of Aftermarket glass is that it often meets or exceeds minimum safety standards set by the Department of Transportation and it can be much cheaper than OEM glass which is handy if paying out-of-pocket.

The disadvantages are that depending on its country of origin, the thickness, durability, density, and tint might be slightly different than your original.

Go ahead and schedule your windshield replacement now! In most cases, we can provide same day service. Wondering whether or not your replacement is covered by your insurance or what kind of glass your insurance covers? We deal with insurance companies every day; just give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out! (972) 607-5809.

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