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At Frisco Auto Glass Repair, we understand the urgency of needing to replace a side window as quickly as possible. Not only does a broken window open you up to the risk of theft, but it also puts you at the mercy of the elements. We can assess the damage and replace a broken window in under an hour! Not only will we replace the window, we’ll vacuum up the mess, and ensure the regulator is in working order. Besides car window replacement, we also replace vent/quarter vent windows, and regulators.

Auto glass damage isn’t just limited to windshields. Breaks in side windows are just as common and can be a serious inconvenience. Because side windows are made of tempered glass, they often shatter on impact making for a stressful and scary experience. Due to their design, it is very uncommon for windows to have chip or crack damage. In some cases, drivers install an aftermarket tint to their windows and this can hold broken glass together. However, regardless of the damage to your window, we always recommend a full replacement to ensure safety, functionality, and to avoid future repairs down the road.

 However, there are some high-end automakers that install laminated glass to promote soundproofing and enhanced security measures. In the case that your vehicle was manufactured with laminated glass side windows, it might be possible to repair them depending on the severity of the damage. Give us a call, we’d be happy to take a look! (972) 607-5809.

Side Window Replacement Frisco TX

Added Security Against Break-Ins

If your vehicle’s side window or windows have been broken in a break-in or in an attempted break-in, and you’d like some added security, we might be able to help. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, laminated glass or security film can be an installation option. When you call for a replacement, ask one of our highly trusted technicians about added security options for your particular vehicle.

Laminated Glass

Installing laminated glass in side windows is a relatively new practice for most vehicles. In the past, most side windows were made with tempered glass so that in the case of an accident, the window would break in smaller, safer chunks and facilitate escape in the case of a water-related accident. However, nowadays more and more drivers are opting for laminated glass due to its many advantages.

Advantages of laminated glass for side windows:

• reduces noise in the cabin
• makes the vehicle more fuel-efficient
• discourages thievery as it’s very difficult to break
• prevents passenger ejection in rollover accidents
• reduces injuries from shattering glass in accidents

Disadvantages of laminated glass for side windows:

• more expensive than the standard tempered glass
• limited availability depending on the make and model of your vehicle
• reduced ability to break the glass for escape in a water-related accident

Security Film

Security film provides an extra layer of protection, similar to laminate that covers the window and makes it more difficult to break. It also has the added bonus of holding the glass together even when broken, instead of shattering as traditional tempered glass does.

Advantages of Security Film:

  • makes the window more difficult to break into (harder to break)
  • cheaper than installing laminated glass (many options at different price points)
  • reduces injuries from shattering glass in accidents

Disadvantages of Security Film:

  • can bubble or deteriorate somewhat with age (or if exposed to extreme weather conditions)
  • reduced ability to break the glass for escape in a water-related accident

Car Window Replacement Process

Replacing window glass can be little more time consuming than some of our other repair or replacement services. A normal window replacement involves removing any remnants of the previous glass and it must be fully compatible with the regulator requiring a few tests. The replacement of vent or quarter vent windows also calls for extra time to ensure the window is airtight. It’s essential to seal the window perfectly to avoid water leakage and annoying road noise.

Our technicians follow a quick step-by-step process to get you out and back on the road as quickly as possible.

• Review the broken window to assess the damage
• Follow up by discussing your replacement options (in case you’d like laminated glass or security film)
• Take off the door panel to remove any remaining glass fragments from inside the door or on the seat
• Install the new panel of glass according to industry safety standards
• Test the glass to ensure it’s airtight and fully functional
• Replace the door panel
• Accept payment and answer any lingering questions you might have


It’s as easy as that! Make your appointment for a new side window or window vent today! (972) 607-5809.

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