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When it comes to chip repair, Frisco Auto Glass Repair is one of the best in the business! We are experts in chip and minor crack repair. We use a high-grade resin that leaves your windshield looking brand new! The occasional ding, chip, or stone break is just par for the course when driving a vehicle every day. It doesn’t have to be a major inconvenience; pending the size of the chip, our technicians can come straight to you and be in and out within 30 minutes!

Chip repair is one of our most commonly requested windshield repair services. Chips, dings, and stone breaks are caused when other cars kick up small rocks or gravel that strike your windshield at speed. This causes small pieces of glass to flake off in circular, star, or halfmoon shapes. Chips of this type can be quick, easy, and cheap to repair.

Quick, Affordable Chip Repair. Time Is Of The Essence!
However, it’s extremely important to repair even the most minor of chips as soon as possible as they can quickly spread and become problematic to repair. Once a chip has spread and become a long crack, it is very difficult to fix. Most cracks require a full windshield replacement. This is because windshields are designed to give structural support to the vehicle and withstand the stress of high traveling speeds. A crack undermines the windshield’s ability to withstand stress. The glass is made up of two layers of glass connected by an inner layer of automotive safety glass. This inner layer is called the lamination and holds the outer layers together in the event of an accident. That’s why the glass cracks but doesn’t cave in or shatter when struck by rocks or debris.

Not sure whether the damage to your windshield qualifies as a chip or a crack? To formally assess whether or not the damage can be repaired, we consider four key factors: location, type of damage, size, and depth.

Key Factors When Assessing Auto Glass Damage

Location of Your Windshield’s Chip
The location of the damage is very important. Any chip or crack located within two inches of the edge of the windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield, make the glass weak, and threaten the bonding to the surrounding metal frame. Edge cracks usually require a windshield replacement.

If the damage is located on the driver’s side, it’s important to assess if it impedes the driver’s vision. Some chips or cracks can appear opaque or blurred when moisture and dirt or debris get inside. During the repair process, our technicians do their very best to remove as much dirt as possible, but even the best repairs can leave behind some discoloration or mistiness. If the damage is in the driver’s line of sight it can be a safety issue.

Type of Damage
There are many different types of chips and cracks (for a full description of the different types, check out our Windshield Repair Service section) and some can be repaired easier than others. Generally, any quarter-sized chip or smaller can be easily repaired, while most cracks will require a windshield replacement. In the case of multiple chips or cracks, we recommend getting a technician’s assessment. 

Size of the Chip
A good basic rule of thumb is to measure the damage. For chips, we generally consider anything quarter-sized (about one-inch diameter) or smaller easily repairable. For cracks, anything smaller than a dollar bill (pending the location and depth) can be repaired. 

Depth of the Chip
Depth is a little bit more difficult to measure. Usually, the more superficial or shallow the chip, the better. You want to look across the glass to see if the glass is pitted or flaked. Any damage the disturbs the laminate holding the layers together is more difficult to repair.

Windshield Repair Process

Standard chip repair takes about 30 minutes. To repair the chip, our technicians inject high-grade resin into the chip to keep out moisture and dirt, restore the structural integrity, and fix the glass’ appearance. They then cure the resin using UV light and polish the glass, leaving it smooth and clear. This process stops the chip from enlarging or becoming a crack.

For deeper or slanted cracks that have affected the PVB (Poly-Vinyl Butyral) layer, the technician may have to use a drill to even out the shape, make it smoother, etc. so that it takes the resin better. This type of damage can take slightly longer than the standard 30 minutes.

If you still have any lingering questions, feel free to call one of our trusted technicians or send us an email on our contact form. We would be happy to give you a free estimate! (972) 607-5809.

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