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At Frisco Auto Glass Repair, we offer various windshield repair services. We protect against water leaks, reinstall loose molding, soundproofing, and chip/minor crack repair. The most common repair service that we provide by far is chip or minor crack repair.

There are many types of damage that can happen to your windshield and whether or not they can be repaired depends on the size, the depth, the type of chip or crack, and the location on your windshield. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when assessing your chip is to check if it can be covered by a dollar bill. If yes, then it can usually be repaired by injecting a resin into the glass. The resin is then cured with a UV light and the whole area buffed clean. In most cases, the resin renders the chip completely invisible and your windshield looks as good as new!

Regardless of the type of chip or crack in your window, speed is of the essence! It’s always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with windshield damage.

 Minor chips and cracks can spread rapidly, especially during extreme weather conditions like high heat in the Texas summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. A relatively small chip can quickly become a hazard for you and your family. Not only can they grow quickly in size, they can also collect moisture, dirt, and other debris. Moisture collected in the chip can freeze and make the chip double in size. Dirt can make the spot opaque and difficult to see through. The dirtier the chip, the more difficult it is to repair and the longer the repair will take.

Below you can find a table that describes, in general terms, the types of chips that are reparable and the types that usually necessitate a replacement. For more specific questions, give us a call! (972) 607-5809.

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Repairable Chips

Ding/Chip/Stone break

This type of chip is the easiest type of damage to repair. It is usually caused by other cars kicking up small rocks or gravel that strike your windshield at speed. This causes a small piece of glass to flake off in a round circular shape. Ding chips can easily be repaired if attended to immediately.

Cracked chip

This type of damage looks like a linear crack with a small round impact point in the middle. As long as the crack is at least two inches away from the edge of the windshield and has a length of less than six inches, it is easily repairable.

Bull’s eye/Halfmoon

This kind of chip is normally caused by a larger object. It has a circular or halfmoon shape similar to a ding but is generally a little deeper and larger in diameter. Depending on the amount of glass removed in the impact, they can be repaired.

Star break

This type of damage looks similar to a star, with a round impact point in the center and cracks radiating outwards from the point.  As long as the breaks are shallow, small in diameter, and aren’t located near sensors, cameras, or the edge of the windshield, they are usually repairable. 

Chips or Cracks That Require Replacement

Edge crack

This type of crack starts at the edge of the windshield or within two inches of the edge, and forms and spreads very quickly. This type of crack compromises the structural integrity of the windshield and must be replaced.

Floater crack

Floater cracks usually originate in the middle of the windshield and spread lengthwise. With Floater cracks, it’s important to deal with them immediately, otherwise they will spread quickly. Depending on the length and depth of the crack it will probably necessitate a replacement.

Stress crack

The older the vehicle, the more common this type of crack. This crack can occur naturally with time or can form due to rapid temperature changes. Parking your car in the sun and then turning on the AC or defrosting your windshield with warm or hot water can also cause stress cracks. Depending on the size and depth, these cracks can be repaired but it’s recommended that the windshield be replaced to avoid future cracks and repairs.

Multiple/Complex cracks

If your windshield suffers from multiple cracks located close together, over sensors, or in front of the driver side then a replacement is needed. Once the windshield has been cracked in several places, the structural integrity has been compromised and it can be dangerous for the driver and passengers.

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