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Hello Lewisville! If you’re looking for auto glass repair, you’re in the right spot. We’ve been serving our Lewisville community for over two decades, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in the best care with us. We specialize in windshield repair, replacement, and all other car glass replacements. We pride ourselves on having the best quality service, while still being able to offer our customers affordable pricing. All of our techs are highly skilled and trained to the highest industry standards. Beyond our extensive experience, we are passionate about our work and have your car’s wellbeing as our number one priority! We use the latest materials and technology, which allows us to provide you with best quality and fastest turnaround, so you can get back on the highway quick!
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windshield repair lewisville tx

Windshield Repair

We can fix any kind of windshield damage, from little chips to extensive cracks. We will do anything we can to save your current windshield if it’s repairable. If a repair isn’t possible, you can rest assured our technicians will perform a flawless replacement. If you aren’t sure if you need repair or replacement, give us a call or send us a photo for a quick assessment.
windshield replacement lewisville tx

Windshield Replacement

If your windshield damage is too far gone and can’t be repaired, we will replace your old glass with brand new Aftermarket or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass, so that your car looks brand-spanking-new again! It’s important to get any auto glass damage fixed or replaced immediately, as cracks or chips can spread quickly.
auto glass repair lewisville

Back Glass Replacement

Like front windshields, rear windshields are made of several layers of glass held together by strong adhesive. Typically, it’s quite easy to repair a back windshield. However, it could need an entire replacement if the vehicle’s sensors are damaged. Send us an image of your rear windshield to know your options.
auto glass lewisville tx

Side Window Replacement

Side windows are tricky. Because they are almost always made of a single pane of tempered glass, they are more susceptible to completely shattering. Even if the glass cracks just a little bit, the entire window will most likely shatter. The good news is that side windows are much easier to replace, making them less expensive.
chip repair lewisville tx

Chip Repair

With the amount of time we spend on the road, chips are a quite common occurrence. When gravel or hail hit a car’s glass at high speeds, minor glass damage is inevitable. If you see any chips, it’s best to have them looked at as soon as possible, since it will be more susceptible to greater damage.
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Free Estimates

Yep, that’s right! Not only do we offer free mobile service, but also free over-the-phone estimates. Just give us a call and describe the glass damage or send us a text with images of your vehicle’s glass. We’ll go over the options available for your car’s make and model, so you can choose the best option for you. We’ll be able to quote you accurately and immediately!


With over 20 years of experience in the auto glass industry in North Texas, we can handle any job.
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Before calling an expensive franchise auto glass shop, give us a call at Lewisville Auto Glass! We pride ourselves on our superior service and attention to detail on every job. We’re able to provide the best service while still offering affordable prices without cutting costs! We’ll go head-to-head with our competitors like: safelite Lewisville, first choice auto glass, and others. We provide FREE, SAME-DAY mobile service all over the metroplex. We’ll come out to your home or work place at no expense to you, whenever is the best time for you. In most cases we can schedule you and perform the repair or replacement the same day!

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